Teaching as Worship

Our second sermon in the All Things New teaching series comes from Revelation 5 and can be found here.

Music as Worship

Listen to the individual songs below or click here to listen to these worship songs in a YouTube playlist.

Song #1 and the Theme Song for the Series: Selected to Reiterate the Truth of God’s Word

All Things New

Song #2: Selected to Help Us Remember Where Our Strength Comes From

Come Thou Fount

Song #3: Selected to Show Us That God’s Love Hasn’t Changed

How Deep The Father’s Love

Song #4: Selected to Point Us to the Source of our Hope in this crisis AND in everyday life

Grace Alone

Song #5: Selected to Reflect Thanks to God for Jesus and the Gifts He’s Given Us

Jesus, Thank You

Song #6: Selected to Remind us that He Is Worthy of Our Praise

Is He Worthy?

Prayer as Worship

Join with your family and friends to pray about the following areas of Christian hope and obedience that are unique and prominent today:

  1. Pray for trust in the faithfulness of God in the midst of adversity;
  2. Pray for humility to learn the lessons God has to teach you during this time; 
  3. Pray for God to arrest the spread of this virus and for minimal lives to be lost around the world; 
  4. Pray for God to glorify Jesus in the days ahead; 
  5. Pray for the salvation of those who are close to you but far from God and for boldness to testify to the hope found solely in Christ;
  6. Pray that God would give you keen insight for how to love and serve the needs of your neighbors; 
  7. Pray for God to protect His church from the enemy and bolster our love for one another; 
  8. Pray for unity among all those made in the image of God and for help to do what is best to look out for the interests of others;
  9. Pray for governmental leaders and those in positions of authority who are making critical decisions about what is best for our country; 
  10. Pray for the sick—that God would comfort them and heal their bodies; 
  11. Pray for those in the medical field and ask that God would strengthen their resolve as they care for the ailing;
  12. Pray for those suffering under financial hardship or uncertainty and ask God to provide for their needs; 
  13. Pray for business owners and employees who are making difficult decisions about how to endure the challenges that will come in the months ahead; 
  14. Pray for those who will face loneliness and isolation in the days ahead, especially those who struggle with depression and anxiety. Ask God to give them hope; 
  15. Pray for parents who are seeking to care for their children and raise them to know God and the world He has made. Ask God to strengthen them for the task as they give care in new ways; 
  16. Pray for the elderly and ask God to protect them from sickness and encourage them with His love; 
  17. Pray for medical solutions that will either curb the spread of the virus or aid in the treatment of the sick; 
  18. Pray for Christian missionaries and ask that God would comfort them with His presence and give them unique ways to testify to Jesus;
  19. Pray for pastors and church leaders who are seeking to make wise decisions about how to protect the unity of the church, provide encouragement for the church, and motivate the mission of the church;
  20. Praise God for Jesus, who provides hope for those who know Him both in this life and the one to come.

Giving as Worship

A normal aspect of our gathered service would be giving. We ask that you spend time reflecting on God’s provision for you during this season and seek wisdom as to how best to give generously. If you haven’t already done so, you can set up regular giving here. Money given to TCC fosters ongoing mission and allows us to demonstrate extravagant generosity to our church’s members and others in our community who are enduring hardship and loss in the weeks and months ahead. Below is a video tutorial explaining how give online:

Community as Worship

Use your small group time to reflect on the truth that we have processed this week. Once you’ve spent time catching up and seeing how one another are doing, allow the following questions to guide your discussion. 


  1. What is one take-away you have from this week’s sermon? What helped, encouraged, or challenged you the most? 
  2. How are Genesis 1:26-28 and Revelation 5 connected? How does this give us hope? 
  3. How do we see “every tribe, tongue, and nation” in Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8?
  4. How do you keep the mission of the nations at the forefront of your mind on a regular basis. Or, asked another way, how do you keep missionaries and those around the world who’ve never heard of Jesus from being out of sight, out of mind?
  5. In what ways is your local church a reflection of the picture of Revelation 5?
  6. How is the Spirit the superglue for the people of God? Read Ephesians 2:11-22. What does this tell us about the unity of believers?
  7. Read Acts 2:42-47. What practices do you see taking place in the church? Which of these stand out to you more in light of Covid-19?
  8. What do you miss most about your local church right now? What does this tell you that you should do differently when we are able to meet in our regular patterns?
  9. How is your earthly family a reflection of your heavenly family and, in turn, of your church family? How do you work to help your earthly family see itself as a meaningful part of a much larger family?
  10. How does the gospel help us provide an answer to the epidemic of loneliness and isolation that plagues modern culture


Things You Need To Know

  1.  This week’s Politics and Christian Witness event will still take place on Thursday night at 7:30pm. Registration can be found here.
  2. Next week’s Family Meeting will take place at 5:30pm on Zoom here.
  3. A group of church members meet online to pray each Thursday at 6am and Sunday at 8am.