Why Small Groups?

Small groups pray and study the Bible together.  It’s a place to know and be known, share meals together, and ultimately seek to apply the Scriptures to our lives for God’s glory.


We have small groups because we’re convinced it’s the best way to pursue our goal of Biblical Community—a group of individuals, united in Christ, who are committed to ministering and mutually caring for one another for the purpose of progressive sanctification. We’ve found this best accomplished when every member of TCC lives meaningfully connected to a small group.


Rodney & Kathy Bradford

Sundays at 5:30PM


Wayne & Kendra Dennis

Mondays at 6:30PM

Matt & Diamond Solomon

Mondays at 6:30PM


Hugh & Hollie Carson

Tuesdays at 6:30PM


College Small Group

Wednesdays at 7:00PM


Matt & Sarah Rogers

Thursdays at 6PM

Connor & Erin Hipps

Thursdays at 6:30PM

Jacob & Laura Campbell

Thursdays at 6:30PM

Lenny and Jessica Pisano

Thursdays at 6:30PM