Kids Core Classes

With gifted teachers excited to invest in your child and in your family, TCC Kids partners with parents in the enormous task to train them up in the way they should go. Ultimately, we desire for kids to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God with a positive view of the local church and biblical community.

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SHADE-cation Bible School

Join us for SHADE-cation Bible School in the SHADE of our big white tent in the lower parking lot for a spin on our traditional Vacation Bible School!

You might be wondering… 

What will we do?

We will be learning more about one another and our neighbors – the things that make us different, and the ways we are all the same!

How will we do that?

We will explore the themes of diversity and empathy in order to gain a greater understanding of how we are to embrace people of all races and cultures through picture books, Bible verses, play, games, crafts, and more! 

Why should we come?

You should come if you are looking for a chance to participate WITH your littles in stories, crafts, and activities that have been coordinated to increase awareness and promote future engagement with the neighbors around you. Understanding how to react and respond to others, especially those who are different from us, in a biblical way will help develop better social skills, cultivate kindness, encourage empathy, and foster creativity to include other people in shared activities – even those who might be different than us!

What will we need to bring?

Bring a parent or caregiver to stay with you, a nice soft towel or blanket to sit on, your listening ears, and an open heart to learn what God has to teach! Oh, and maybe a neighbor, too! EXCEPT FOR WEEK 1 – 08/03 Each child is encouraged to bring a favorite stuffed animal. Help them choose an actual animal if possible, to enhance the application of our lesson.

What will we gain?

Your family can gain practice in developing better skills to interact with the people you encounter where you live, work, and play.  You will learn how to react when someone is dressed differently, speaks with a different accent or language, or adheres to a different cultural norm.  Gaining insight and knowledge about another’s experience can break down barriers to communication and develop greater affection for all those who are made in the image of God! 


What we are Learning

In TCC Kids, we’ve based our curricula on proven child development research to teach the gospel in a way that will be cemented in the hearts and minds of children for years to come. We’ve identified foundational biblical truths and have paired them with lessons, verses, and practical applications to engage them in the narrative of Scripture.

Toddler & Preschool

Foundational Bible studies, simple truth statements, and introductory Scripture memorization.

K-4 & K-5

Understanding how we can all know God by learning about his sovereignty.


Learning the “ABCs” of the Bible, with each letter standing for a different gospel-centered truth.


Examining the various names of God and how each name shows us a unique part of who He is.